Celeste is a soft science fiction film about unconditional love and letting go. A young mother turns to science in a final bid to save her family by commissioning a clone made in her image to assume her identity after she passes. Celeste spends her final days at her family beach house with her clone, Celeste #2, where she learns to let go and in turn, Celeste #2 discovers the power of love.


Director's Statement

Love is one of the most powerful feelings of connection. What interests me, is what we will do to get it and maintain it. How far are we willing to go to protect the people we love? This film is an exploration of unconditional love and belonging. Can love transcend death? If so, what does it look like? Celeste raises the question, “If you create an exact facsimile of a human life, can you call it by the same name?”


Celeste is a deeply personal film. It is a mediation on longing, hope and love that transcends time.